Match bonus: How does that work?

The match bonus is also called percentage or more popularly, deposit bonuses. These are very common amongst all kinds of online casinos. A good reason why they are very popular now is that compared to its close relative, the no deposit best casino bonus, and this one has a smaller window for abuse from the players. This is because a lot of players normally abuse the no deposit bonuses since they have no obligation whatsoever. Normally, nowadays, the latter kind of bonus is less profitable compared to the match bonus which is a lot more popular for its profit options.

How does the match bonus work?

The match bonus offers the player a match to the deposit of a player. A certain percentage is applied on the total deposit which can be as low as 50% or can sometimes, be as high as 1000%. The latter is pretty rare and the most common one is around 100 to 750% which is not too bad at all. It has to be noted also that the extremely high bonus is just available for lottery games such as Keno or Slots.

When you sign up, the match bonus only happens once. There are some casinos, though that offers recurring bonuses that can help in attracting players in order to pursue playing.

An example of match bonus:

Again, 100% match bonus is the most popular bonus that you can get. For a certain site, the maximum match amount can be $100; therefore, if someone deposits the max amount of $100, with added $100, his bankroll automatically receives $200.

Another example is 50% match bonus. Again, your max amount is $100 so if you deposit this same amount, you can get 50% of $100 which is $50 and that results to an initial bankroll of $150.

If the site offers200% match bonus, with a max amount of $400, this can lead to an additional match bonus of $800.


As with many promotions, the match bonus will require a wagering requirement. Let us say the casino requires a wager of 20 times within a set period of time in order for one to encash the bonus. One important requirement is making some minimum deposits. You can deposit as low as $50 for it. Of course, it is necessary to understand the terms and conditions of the game before pursuing it.

The match bonus is advantageous since it increases the bankroll considerably without any effort. This is a great way for serious newbie’s to establish their bankroll easily. However, one has to check the terms of the bonus as well as which games you can choose to play them. This will help you in maximizing your bonus potential.